we encourage participation from any one – contact us for details

Amer Alwarea

phd candidate (Dundee)-MSc (sustainability of the built environment-Dundee  Uni)-MA(Urban planning- Damascus Uni) – B. Arch(Architecture-Damascus Uni)-Dip(Urban planning- Damascus Uni)-

Hiba Alkhalaf

phd candidate (Edin)-MSc(Architectural Conservation-ECA edinburgh )-B.Arch-Dip(Architecture-Damascus Uni)-

Natai Al Sharkas Achmez 

Dip(Architecture-Damascus Uni)-M.Arch(l’Ecole de CHAILLOT – Damas)

4 responses to “Participants

  1. Hi I also found your web blog and I’m looking forward to being part of this (movement?). I am an Arab, and probably as most of you have been, educated in English. What do you think about Arabizing ^^ this website too (translating/posting original Arabic content)? I can and am willing to help.

    • We all speak and write Arabic in this website, but we choose to do this in English coz there is lack of websites doing this. Thanks waiting for your participation.

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