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Core Team

Amer Alwarea (B.Arch., MSc, PhD., BREEAM AP.)

Researcher, architect, urban designer, planner, and BREEAM AP. Ph.D in Architecture from the University of Dundee (2016), MSc in Sustainability of the Built Environment from University of Dundee (2011) and Master in Planning and The Environment (2010) , Post-Graduate Diploma (2007), and B.Arch (2005). Amer is currently a Research Development Manager at the University for the Creative Arts (2019-present) and a Research Fellow at the Bartlett School of Planning- UCL (2017-2019). Amer is the founder of the initiative of the Art and Architecture in the Arab World.



Hiba Alkhalaf (B.Arch., MSc, PhD.)

Hiba holds a B.Arch. in Architecture from the University of Damascus (2006), MSc in Architectural Conservation from the University of Edinburgh (2010) and a PhD in Architecture from the University of Edinburgh (2017). She has a teaching experience for undergraduate years in architectural history and theory, studio design and heritage management at both Damascus University (2007-2009) as a full-time teaching fellow, and at the University of Edinburgh (2015-2017) as a part-time tutor. The interdisciplinary nature of her research bridges architecture, heritage conservation and sustainable urban development connecting the physical (buildings and sites), meaning (people, stakeholders and community), and the function. Hiba has been actively involved in various projects in the MENA region related to sustainable heritage management and empowering local community. She had developed capacity building training programs and worked closely with heritage professionals in Syria, Tunisia & Libya as part of Training in Action project and other short courses. She is a co-director of the project Sensing Place that provides a digital platform to aid local people to map their heritage and local values. She is also a co-founder of the Art and Architecture in the Arab World.



Natai Al Sharkas Achmez 

Dip(Architecture-Damascus Uni)-M.Arch(l’Ecole de CHAILLOT – Damas)

4 responses to “Participants

  1. Hi I also found your web blog and I’m looking forward to being part of this (movement?). I am an Arab, and probably as most of you have been, educated in English. What do you think about Arabizing ^^ this website too (translating/posting original Arabic content)? I can and am willing to help.

    • We all speak and write Arabic in this website, but we choose to do this in English coz there is lack of websites doing this. Thanks waiting for your participation.

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