Al Hamra Firdous Tower/ Kuwait

By Gary Haney

Tall lobby, tow sky lobbies, as sky garden, six service floors and 62 office floors. currently under constructions.

The Lobby structure is one of t he most prominent elements of the project. Designed as a cross-bracing structural system, this 20 m high formal entrance to the building acts as a light filler during the day and reveals its silhouette at night.

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Thursday, October 18 2012. Chicago, USA. Aybars Asci & Mark Sarkisian, SOM. The Al Hamra Firdous Tower was intended to stand as an icon to symbolize national pride, while also providing highly leasable office space. To successfully create the delicate form of the tower and unique spaces within, extensive structural considerations were made. The tower has curved east, north, and west façades clad in vision glass, providing clear views of the city and Kuwait Bay while also optimizing the spaces against glare and heat gain.

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