Arabic [perfect harmony] Calligraphy Space – [Architecture]

Arabic calligraphy, is the artistic practice of handwriting, or calligraphy, and by extension, of bookmaking

Architecture, is both the process and product of planning, designing and construction.


for an Arab (person) it is pictorial, formal element, referencing a multitude of issues—religious, social, political and personal. within architecture or art it’s a way move, between ,in ,out and beyond.




Arabic calligraphy in all its aesthetic and linguistic complexity is little understood in the West and often regarded as an art form belonging to the classic Islamic arts and, therefore, to the past. In fact, it plays an important role in contemporary Arab  art. For centuries, the written word has been at the center of Islamic visual culture— a legacy that persists even today.

And Third

calligraphic architecture from wael mashini on Vimeo.

Deriving architecture designs from the curvature of Arabic calligraphy.


Arabesque, photo © Djamel Farès

demo-2 Arabesque, photo © Djamel Farès

Searching for space


Nja Mahdaoui

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