Hassan Fathy (Between Art & Architecture)

Is there any difference between art and architecture?  It is impossible to conceive of the history of art in exclusion from that of architecture.

Hassan Fathy was one of those pioneer Arab architects that touched  on art 

Hassan Fathy (1900 – 1989, Arabic: حسن فتحي) was a noted Egyptian architect who pioneered appropriate technology for building in Egypt, especially by working to re-establish the use of mud brick (or adobe) and traditional as opposed to western building designs and lay-outs. Fathy was recognized with the Aga Khan Award for Architecture Chairman’s Award in 1980.

New Gourna Village 1946

Abd al-Razik Villa 1943

Harraniya Weaving Village 1946

Ismaïl Abdel-Razeq Villa 1941

Stopplaere House 1950 Hassan Fathy

New Gourna Village 1946

Fouad Riad House 1960

Hamed Saïd House 1942

High Institute for Popular Arts 1962

Menia Village 1980

Monastirli House 1950

New Gourna Village 1946

Northern Shore Development 1971

Talka Primary School 1928 (Detail)



4 responses to “Hassan Fathy (Between Art & Architecture)

  1. This is relieving from the invasion of the awful and depressing architecture around us now days. We really need such a refreshing material.

    Thanks for the smart and elegant way in which you’ve presented the work of this Master.

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      Cheers !

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