Great Sinan”Secrets of Suleymaniye”

Architect Great Sinan

During his career Sinan built hundreds of buildings including mosques, palaces, harems, chapels, tombs, schools, almshouses, madrassahs, caravan serais, granaries, fountains, aqueducts and hospitals. Of this diverse group of works, his mosques have been most influential.

The architectural secrets which Sinan used while building Suleymaniye have been discovered after 500 years. Dr. Enver yYolcu from Çanakkale 18 Mart University has informed that he has discovered the secrets of the Suleymaniye Mosque. Sinan is accepted to be The poet of Stone by Europeans. Yolcu says he has discovered the esthetic codes of Sulymaniye which is considered to be the masterpiece of his (foreman period) He saw that Sinan used a proportion and measurement relationship method of his own. He used Golden proportion . In his research , Yolcu saw that Sinan had created a magnificent esthetic wholeness. He said he was curious to know if Sinan knew Euclids geometry very well and used the Golden Proportion in his works.

Golden proportion can be found in many plants and in the human body. The numeral value of the golden proportion is 0.618. According to Yolcu, the fact that the golden proportion was used in the foundation (basement) plan is accepted by many researching architechts but not in the vertical construction.

Later, Yolcu realised that Sinan had found a new measurement and proportion combination on his own. In Sinans method, there is almost a square relationship of measurement and proportion combination between short and long sides. First he examined the relationship between the light of a three galleried minaret and the length of the main building. There is a proportion of 0.83 between the height of the minarets and the length of the main building. As he proceeded his research to a amazement he saw that there were similar relationships among other elements.

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